Bank Cormorants

Bank cormorants live in South Africa where the Benguela current brings up cold water to the surface, historically making rich feeding grounds for seabirds and sea life.

With climate change, overfishing, oil pollution and habitat disturbance, bank cormorant numbers have rapidly declined. They are now classified by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as an Endangered species.

Living Coasts is working with SANCCOB to find a way of rescuing and rehabilitating these birds at their facility in Cape Town. We have raised funds, along with sending over volunteers and bird experts to help set up the project.

Project Penguin


Living Coasts supports Project Penguin together with many other zoos and conservation organisations.

Financial support is sent to SANCCOB to rescue and rehabilitate African penguins, whether this is abandoned eggs or chicks, or sick and under-nourished adults.

The facility at Cape Town is set up to deal with all cases. Once the chicks are hatched and grown to a good size and strength they are released back in to the wild.

Once clear from oil, or given food to regain their weight, adults are released back to the area from which they were found, when safe to do so.

This is a valuable project to support as it helps these Endangered species survive in the wild.

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