Puppet show at Auks Under Water

One of the first things you can enjoy is a short puppet show before exploring the rest of the site. Shows vary throughout the year.

Water Play at the Jetty

Just after our Auk Cliff exhibit you will find a water play area which toddlers absolutely love. Why not sit and take a break whilst the children entertain themselves?

Crawl tank

What does a starfish look like under the water? Children can crawl under the tank in Local Coasts to find out. It's like being under a huge transparent rockpool!

Climbing wall

Can you stick as hard as a limpet? Climb across the wall to see how difficult it really is to hold on to rocks.

Children's area               

This area is designed for young children to play for a while – so you can enjoy watching the penguins under water!

Interactive area

Children love to jump around on the interactive floor, clearing the sea weed and litter before the tide comes in!

Find out more by visiting the Living Coasts map.

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